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We provide our naked sushi services to 1,000s of clients a year, here in Costa Rica.  We use only premium ingredients with a specific focus on sustainable seafood. All of our sushi is made and crafted by our own highly trained sushi Chefs. . Our goal is to provide an amazing sushi experience for events of any size.

​Our unique dining environment offers traditional

Japanese style seating
Private Dinning Room
Full Bar
Large wine selection
Bottle service also available
Model in which Sushi is served on

Open normal dining hours and late night

Cocktail receptions also available


As with any service of raw seafood, those with compromised immune systems, pregnancy and heart conditions are not recommended participants in our naked sushi experience. We do offer naked body dessert presentations.

We prepare our sushi to restaurant standards. We time and temp control all of our food and document to insure all of our food meets acceptable health department standards. Secondly, we typically do not offer sushi on the skin without precautions necessary to insure the safety of your guests.

decadent dining

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to enjoy delicious sushi with nothing but your bare skin to cover you? Well, in Jaco Beach, Costa Rica, that imagination can turn into reality.


Naked Sushi Dining, also known as Nyotaimori, is a traditional Japanese practice of serving sushi on a naked female body. Although the concept has faced controversy over the years, it still continues to attract tourists from all around the world. In Jaco Beach, this unusual dining experience can be enjoyed without breaking the law, as local regulations only allow partial nudity.


As soon as you arrive at the venue, you'll be greeted by friendly staff who'll guide you through the dining process. Before you know it, you'll be served with beautifully arranged sushi rolls on the exposed torso of a gorgeous woman, who's usually a professional model. Don't be afraid to appreciate the aesthetics of the setup, but remember to always be respectful to the person serving you.


But, why naked sushi dining, you ask? Well, the idea is to break away from the conventional ways of enjoying food and explore a new form of sensory pleasure. Eating sushi off a naked body enhances the senses and heightens the overall dining experience. As a bonus, it makes for a unique story to tell friends back home.


The dining atmosphere in Jaco Beach is serene, with soft music and candle-lit surroundings adding to the overall intimacy of the experience. The delicious sushi served here is expertly prepared by trained chefs who'll cater to all your culinary needs.


Before heading out, make sure to capture some memorable moments of your dining experience. A quick photo or two would make for a perfect memento of your visit to Jaco Beach and its exciting Naked Sushi Dining.


In conclusion, Naked Sushi Dining is a unique way to explore a new form of sensory pleasure while also indulging in delicious sushi. If you're in Jaco Beach, don't forget to book a reservation and treat yourself to this exotic experience. Decadent Dining Costa Rica.

Your Perfect Destination for Any Occasion

We can host private events for groups up to 40 clients, featuring wine & cocktail receptions.  Combined with our Sushi experience

decadent dining jaco


Providing private dining for groups of 6 to 30, in Jaco, Costa


Book a Table

Select your details and we’ll try get the best seats for you

decadent dining costa rica

What Our Diners Say About Us

I am so happy with our group experience.  We had the best time.  This is a most do. Our entire group is going to make this a yearly event!

Fay Salinas

Been to many bachelor parties in my life.  never had I had such an amazing experience as this.  Classy all the way.  I strongly recommend this 

Erika Huff

At first I was thinking this was not going to go well as a corporate group event. I am happy, I was wrong.   Our clients are stilll talking about it to this day.  We are coming back 

Zakir Gregory

sushi jaco
sushi jaco, costa rica
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